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Withy fencing by Country Hurdles
East Lambrook Panel
Country hurdles are makers of fine willow hurdles and panels. These are woven fencing panels made from strong, pliable withies (better known as willow). The withies are grown on the low lying lands of the Somerset Levels, the traditional home of willow craft, where withies have been grown for thousands of years, dating right back to the bronze age.
Willow fence panel
Double Window Panel

Willow hurdles provide an attractive fence all year round, and are available from standard sizes, or can be made to order. They act as an excellent wind filter to protect young climbers and hedgerow, and are perfect frames for rambling plants. These beautiful panels make a lovely feature for any fence line, and are useful for screening off unsightly areas of the garden suchas dustbins or gas bottles.

Traditional willow hurdle
Traditional Willow Hurdle
Willow hurdles are available untreated, and will subtly change colour over the years. They can be left to age naturally, reaching a silver grey colour with maturity, or they can be treated with a light creosote or water based preservative. The traditional method is to paint a 50/50 mixture of turpentine and linseed oil.

Our Prices:

Price (£)
6' wide x 6' high Hurdle
6' wide x 5' high Hurdle
6' wide x 4' high Hurdle
6' wide x 3' high Hurdle
6' wide x 2' high Hurdle
6' wide x 1' high Hurdle Edging
6' wide x 6' high East Lambrook
6' wide x 6' high Plant Climber
Willow Bundles available
Willow Sticks:
£15.00 / bundle
£17.50 / bundle
£20.00 / bundle

N.B. Hurdles and East Lambrook can be made to any size.
All prices are subject to carriage charge, quoted on confirmation of order.

Contact Us
To purchase and for enquiries please phone Country Hurdles on:
Tel/Fax: 01278 663 770.
Mobile: 07775 50 23 15
The Stables, Huntworth, Somerset, TA7 0AH.


Thatched roof
Willow and Thatch Round House

Country Hurdles manufacture willow fence panels for garden and estate uses. Our willow quality is second to none, having been carefully selected for a combination of willow suppleness and withy varieties that are long lasting. Based in the heartlands of the willow industry in Somerset, UK, we produce willow fence panels using superb withies in both traditional and contempoary fencing styles. Willow climbers and garden border edgers are also popular options.

For more information on our range of willow fence panels, please phone us on: 01278 663 770.
We look forward to hearing from you.


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